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Todays Amazon Quiz Questions on Nokia 7 Plus and answered by offerbricks

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Note Today Amazon Nokia 7 Plus quiz questions Start date: 14th April 2018
Nokia 7 Plus Quiz answers submit End date: 20th May 2018

you can see in youtube also and the link is below

Question no1) On a single charge, up to how long does the Nokia 7 Plus last?
Answer – 2 days

Question no2) The Nokia 7 Plus runs on __, which ensures it gets the latest security and OS updates.
Answer – Android One

Question no3) What mobile platform is the Nokia 7 Plus built on?
Answer – Qualcomm Snapdragon 660

Question no4) Which of these lens manufacturers did Nokia partner with for the Nokia 7 Plus?
Answer – Carl Zeiss

Question no5) Which of the following is NOT a feature of the dual camera set up on the Nokia 7 Plus?
Answer – Telekinetic capture

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