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Sleep Better with Runtastic App-Unlock Right Now With Code

Sleep Better with Runtastic
 About:The Sleep Better sleep cycle alarm clock app for iPhone and Android lets you track your sleep, monitor your dreams and improve your bedtime habits. Whether you struggle to fall asleep, or want to learn how your day time activities (such as caffeine and alcohol consumption, workout habits and daily stress levels) influence your sleep efficiency, the Sleep Better sleep cycle app will allow you to awake refreshed and ready to seize the day!
To Watch How It Works Link
Download  From Google Play Store  Link
Unlock Pro Version With Code Is “SLEEP2017”
Procedure To Unlock:
          1. Download the app from given link as seen in above
          2.Sign in with u r Google account
          3. Fill u r details(App redirects to home screen of app)
          4 Then go to Menu and go to Settings and find Runtastic there
             Apply code SLEEP2017
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